Vera May Lenox Plum

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Vera May Lenox Plum Faux Leather Handbag

The Vera May Lenox Plum Faux Leather Handbag is a chic canteen bag with a delightful knot-patterned body. It has the classic rounded shape for a canteen bag that is a trend to ladies’ handbags these days. You can tote it around with the long shoulder strap that you can use as a crossbody bag strap. The small golden accents also add a tad of regalness to it that blends perfectly with the dark hues of color for the faux leather material.

Dimensions: 24 X 22 X 8cm


About the Vera May brand:

Vera May handbags are loved all over the world for their impeccable quality, fashionable designs and innovative style. The fashion industry is constantly evolving and Vera May are consistently releasing new designs to adapt and deliver on what’s trending. The Vera May range has Genuine Leather Handbags & Wallets, Vegan Leather Handbags, Faux Leather Handbags, Travel & Cabin bags as well as the newest edition the antique leather range Boho Luxe. Vera May has become a reputable go-to for handbags in the fashion industry; maintaining a strong brand presence for over 15 years.

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